AutoCAD UNI Shortcut : UNION : Unions two solid or two region objects

If you’re looking for a comprehensive article explaining step-by-step how to use the union-shortcut in AutoCAD, this article will give you all the explanation you need: what this shortcut is, how to use it, why it sometimes doesn’t work and the various possible alternative commands.

What is the union-shortcut?

AutoCAD UNI Shortcut : UNION : Unions two solid or two region objects.

Here we explain the union-shortcut, and its various uses in an AutoCAD drawing. We’ll also give examples of drawings showing before and after the use of this command.

How to use union-shortcut (Step by step)

In this part of the article, we’ll explain the steps involved in using the union-shortcut in a drawing, as well as the various options and functions specific to this command, with several examples and drawings to help you understand.
We’ll also give you the shortcut to use it.

Why union-shortcut doesn’t work?

Here we’ll explain the various reasons why this shortcut sometimes doesn’t work, and give various solutions that may help you move forward with your AutoCAD drawing and get past this problem.

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