AutoCAD Spline : A smooth curve defined by control points

If you’re looking for a complete guide to spline in AutoCAD, this article will give you all the explanations you need: what is spline, its purpose(s), the different use cases, its benefits and so on.

What is the spline?

AutoCAD Spline : A smooth curve defined by control points.

Here we explain spline and its various uses in AutoCAD drawings for different engineering fields. We’ll also give some examples of drawings and real-life cases.

What is the purpose of using spline?

Here we’ll explain the purpose(s) of using spline, the advantages of using it, and the main differences between spline and other AutoCAD functions, commands and principles.

Why, How and When to use it

In this part of the article, we’ll explain Why, How and When to use the spline, as well as the various options and functions involved, with several tutorials, examples and drawings to help you understand.

How and When to EDIT spline.

Here we explain how to edit spline, giving you a range of solutions that can help you make progress with your AutoCAD drawing and improve your productivity.

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